Boards and Committees

The Executive Committee of the WTO,I Board is composed of seven (7) members who are elected by the Board of Directors annually in the May meeting. The members include the five officers of the board and two additional members. The current members are:

Name Position Sector Area
Sylvia Ortiz President Poverty Dawson County
Mike Roy 1st Vice President Poverty Dawson County
Marie Briseño 2nd Vice President City Council Lamesa
Diana Henderson Treasurer Public Dawson County
Ted Smith Secretary Chamber of Commerce Lamesa
Angie Trevino Add’l Committee member Poverty Dawson County
David Rodriguez Add’l Committee member Lamesa Public Schools Lamesa

The Board of Directors is composed of 21 members representing the public sector, poverty sector and the private sector and residing throughout the 17-county area. They are elected by the groups that they represent to serve on the board for up to 5 years. The membership includes the seven Executive Committee members listed above and the following:


Name Sector Area
Vicenta Munguia Gaines County Seminole
Paula Lafler Poverty Big Spring
Billy Williams Poverty Lamesa
Tammy Vidal Lamesa Senior Citizens Lamesa
JoAnn Carrillo Martin County Stanton
Jay McWilliams Upton County McCamey
Jerry Chapman Lamesa Cotton Growers Association Lamesa
Noland Harvey Sweetwater Nolan County
Rosa Enriquez Poverty Midland
Jane Schwartz Hospital Auxiliary Lamesa
Crystal Juarez Head Start Advisory Council Seminole
Martin Rivera Andrews County Andrews
William Hetzler Poverty Ector County

The WTO,I Board of Directors is an active policy-making board that meets every other month in Lamesa at 6:30 p.m. for the regular meeting, with Committee meetings preceding the regular meeting. Active Committees include: Executive, Planning, Evaluation, Human Rights, Child Care, Transportation, Finance, Legislative, Nominating, Grievance and By-Laws. A member of the WTO,I Board of Directors is appointed to serve on the Head Start Policy Council.

The WTO,I Board of Directors and the Executive Board work closely with the Executive Director and the Program Directors to provide guidance and direc¬tion to the staff who administer the programs of the organi¬zation. The Board is responsible for determining long and short-range planning, selecting the programs to be carried out by the staff, evaluating the progress of the programs and making recommendations for improvement, continuation or termination.

The WTO,I Board of Directors is a volunteer board, serving without pay. This group of volunteers is to be commended for their service to their communities and to the clients who are provided services through their efforts. "Some people want it to happen, some wish it to happen and others make it happen." "Volunteers aren’t paid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless." - Anonymous

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